South African Furry Convention 2017
2017 - Our First Convention - Success!!
Friday 14th July 2018 until Monday 17th July 2017

2017 Convention Reports

After months of planning, the 2017 convention went forward successfully :) It was held at Magalies Retreat in Magaliesburg and had 28 attendees.

Activities included a welcoming braai and speech on the first evening, a small artists alley on Saturday followed by a scavenger hunt, obstacle course and gladiator arena, a games and social evening including cards against furmanity, Who's Hitler and a few others, followed by a movie night. On Sunday we had panels on furry literature and publishing (Erdwolf_TVL), Social Media and (Bravura from Switzerland, Ivic Wulfe and Scratch) and a panel on Fursuiting (Yote Fox). We also had a fursuit photoshoot, quiz afternoon and a raffle.

For more information, please see the below reports on our 2017 convention:

Many thanx to the organizers and all those that helped, including Ivic Wulfe, Yukon, Scratch, Doge, Yote, Valerion and Powercat, and then of course thank you to all those that attended and made the event awesome!! :)


Our raffle raised R2140, which the organizing committee matched to make R4280 to donate to The Garden Route Wolf Sanctuary in Knysna. Scratch donated R2000 towards raffle prizes. Sudan Red also raised R2000 from commissions at the convention and donated R1000 to Pawsome Whacky Whiskers and R1000 to Wollies Animal Rescue. Thank you to everyone!

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