2022 Convention Info
When and Where?


Late June or Early July 2022 (TBA)


Ekudeni Exclusive Country Venue (just north-west of Johannesburg).

Ekudeni Rd, Muldersdrift, 1747

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/JuyFQPpH9F82

Travelling times (driving) to the venue:
  • From O.R. Thambo (JHB) Airport: 50 mins (57km)
  • From Menlyn Pretoria: 37 mins (54km)
  • From Lanseria Airport: 10 mins (10km)
The nearest shops (Spar) are 10 minutes away, and a large mall (Cradlestone) is only 13 mins away. Because most attendees are from Johannesburg and Pretoria, it will be easy to arrange transport and car pooling for those that fly to JHB.



What to expect?

Click Here
for information on our last convention held at Ekudeni.

Registrations for 2022 currently closed

More About Ekudeni

"A warm welcome awaits you at Ekudeni, an Exclusive Country Lodge and Venue, a true African Experience

Ekudeni's easy-going atmosphere is complemented by its proficient, friendly staff members who will welcome and spoil you from the minute you arrive, making your stay most comfortable and relaxing.

Ekudeni is conveniently close to Pretoria and Johannesburg and features high quality accommodation, free roaming animals (buck, giraffe and zebras), a swimming pool (not that we'll be making use of this in winter, unless someone is really brave) and an authentically African Zonki Shebeen (bar).

Best of all, we'll have the entire venue to ourselves :)


A schedule will be finalized closer to the time, though here are some of the activities to look forward to:

  • Fursuit Games
  • Quiz Night
  • Yukon's Scavenger Hunt
  • Gaming Evening (Nordguard, Poker, Cards Against Furmanity, etc.)
  • Talks and panel discussions (eg. art/culture/fiction/fursuiting)
  • Artists alley and showcase
  • Movie night
  • Raffle
  • Dance Night


Q: Why so expensive?
A: Simple - for first last two years, although we had an amazing time, the most common complaint was quality of accommodation (sleeping conditions). This can't be resolved without making use of a slightly more expensive venue. We looked long and hard to bring you the best value for money!
Q: But I don't want the whole package, can't I just visit?
A: We'd love to allow this, but simply won't cover our costs (eg. renting of the venue) if we do.
Q: What’s the deal with breakfast? Isn’t it the most important meal of the day?
A: Yes, we agree with that. And we DO offer breakfast! However, some people prefer to sleep in (or just don't like eating first thing in the morning), so we made it an optional extra.
Q: I am at the con and bought breakfast, but now I want to sleep in!
A: Catering (hence breakfasts) is paid for and quantities arranged by the venue in advance, so we cannot refund you, but you can give your breakfast voucher to someone else.
Q: What about alcohol?
A: The venue is licensed and will provide bars nearby our activities where alcohol can be purchased from. Unfortunately, this means part of our agreement is to support their bars and bar staff, so no own alcohol is permitted.
Q: Isn’t this just adding to the cost of the event? It’s already expensive!
A: These are optional extras, yes. Since not everyone wants to drink or have breakfast, we made it something you can choose on your own. In 2019 people commented that the bar prices were a bit steep; we will try negotiate lower prices with them.
Q: Will there be free coffee and juice as per previous cons?
A: Yes! There will be.
Q: You mentioned roommates! What is this?
A: The venue’s rooms are made for three people, so unfortunately you will have to share, but you can specify who you'd like to room with in the registration form.
Q: Can I wear my fursuit?
A: YES! Please bring it along and wear it, though please take note of the schedule before suiting up as many activities aren't conducive to wearing your fursuit.
Q: I am not a South African, but I want to come!
A: Please! Come and attend! We love meeting new fuzzy faces from all over the world, and old friends we only see once a year! The venue is relatively close to both the international airports in Johannesburg.
Q: I am not a furry, but I want to come!
A: Please! Come and attend! We are an inclusive group! However, we will point out that is a furry convention run by furries for furries. So please allow us the space to be furries.
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